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Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services Committed to Your Success in Marlton

Photo man holding modern tablet screen in officeAccurate accounting is one of the essential elements of any successful business, but it can also be complicated and time-consuming. Having the help of an experienced team of professionals can make a world of difference for the long-term viability of your business.

Baratz & Associates, P.A. provides comprehensive business accounting services across Marlton and the surrounding counties. We are affiliated with CORA Capital Advisers, and we help you organize, evaluate, and capitalize on your finances. Find out how our services can benefit your business when you schedule a consultation today.

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Expert Business Accounting Services

When it comes to successful business accounting, we know your business needs more than just traditional numbers. Our team has years of experience in multiple areas, meaning a wealth of expertise backs every service we offer. Our accounting services include:

We provide service to a multitude of enterprises, including real estate, hospitality, health care, restaurants, small manufacturers, and non-profit organizations. Our team includes members who specialize in various fields, ensuring that your business or organization receives the customized service you need.

Why Choose Business Consulting Services?

Your business needs the oversight of a financial expert to keep up with a fast-paced market, but hiring a full-time professional may not be in your budget. With a consultant, you acquire the skills, knowledge, and big picture thinking your company needs without having to locate and finance a costly in-house specialist.

New Business Formation

Setting up a new company can be exciting and complicated. Of all the different hats you wear, taxes and accounting can end up very far down on the list. Our team helps business owners overcome common hurdles by supplying the proper guidance and support. From setting up your bookkeeping system to creating a financial forecast, we help you take the necessary steps to get your entity started right.

At Baratz & Associates, P.A., we offer a variety of services for new businesses, including:

  • Management Consulting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Obtaining Business Licenses
  • State-Requirement Paperwork
  • Audit & Advisory Services
  • Litigation Support

Our expert team has decades of experience that allows us to tailor our services towards a wide range of industries, including not-for-profit organizations and boutique businesses.

Organizing and Managing Your Financial Obligations

As a part of helping your small business thrive, we offer year-round support and assistance. We stand by our clients through difficult financial times, establishing strong communication and assistance when concerning situations arise. Tax policies and obligations frequently change, impacting how business ventures operate. Baratz & Associates, P.A. is dedicated to saving you money and helping you succeed.

The Benefits of Business Consulting

Close up of a bearded businessman wearing glasses working with laptopWe understand that your time is valuable, so our goal is to help elevate your decision-making processes and give you new strategies for improved efficiency. Whether you would like us to review your books on a yearly, monthly, or quarterly basis, we make sure you have access to current financial records when you need them.

As your consultants, we deliver the accounting processes and data-driven insight you need to maximize profits. Our mission is to safeguard the financial standing of your company and secure its long-term success. Throughout the many stages of business growth, we can assist in the proper management of your fiscal resources.

Operational Support

Our services can benefit the financial integrity of your business. We can manage who has access to your records, accounts, and resources while keeping watch for fraudulent activity. Our goal is to protect your company's bottom line and help develop highly effective internal controls.

Cash Flow Management

Businessman using tablet pc. heading that reads cash flow on topCompanies rely on their cash flow for daily operation. Large corporations might have the resources to survive a short period of slow business, but most entities do not. Cash flow management is one of the most common areas of improvement an owner or manager can focus on. Our Marlton firm can help make sure your company's cash flow is being appropriately managed.

A lot of smaller business owners tend to equate cash with profit, but these are not the same thing. Being aware of the difference is a crucial first step to getting your cash flow in order. While profit may include fluid assets ready for immediate use, it also includes money that has to be set aside for larger expenses and bills as well as fixed assets.

Your cash on hand refers to the portion of profits that can be spent easily for daily operation. Basing your cash flow management strategies on more factors than profit alone will yield more effective results from your efforts.

How to Put Your Financial Forecast to Use

Businesspeople in modern meeting roomA financial forecast is a detailed analysis of the most likely scenarios your company will experience in the future. As these forecasts describe the expected profits and obligations of your business, there is enough data for owners to make proactive changes in daily operations that allow for measurable improvement in cash flow. You can have a clear image of where you expect to be financially in the next six months, or next year, and extrapolate what your cash flow situation is likely to be at that time.

Payroll Tax Issues

If you are running a business and employ staff, you must pay tax on their behalf. If you make deductions from your employees' wages and fail to pass these deductions on to the IRS, you could incur substantial penalties. The IRS has the power to impose penalties on a scale that could close a small business down if it has fallen behind with its payroll tax payments. If you find yourself in this situation, contact Baratz & Associates, P.A. as soon as possible. We can contact the IRS on your behalf and help you to rectify the situation and avoid penalties.

Business Accounting Services to Benefit Your Nonprofit Organization

An excellent accounting service starts with numbers but doesn't end there. Your organization needs much more than just good bookkeeping, and you'll find it with us. When you partner with us, you'll receive assistance with:

  • Donated funds tracking and bookkeeping
  • Reliable financial reporting
  • Tax regulation compliance check
  • Cash flow management
  • IT audits and risk assessment
  • Management and procedure optimization

Protecting Your Tax-exempt Status

close up of Exemption Section on 1040 Tax FormYour non-profit is dedicated to positively impacting our world, but having to deal with complex financial regulations can pull you away from that focus. How can you put your energy where it's needed most when you're tied to a desk crunching numbers and filing forms for hours?

Simply claiming to be a non-profit doesn't automatically exempt you from taxes. Your organization must meet very specific guidelines to qualify, and the rules can change at any time. To ensure that your non-profit is free to operate without interference, you'll need guidance from an expert.

Baratz & Associates, P.A. evaluates your financials, activities, and involvements to ensure that your non-profit stays within regulations. Keeping your records clean and compliant helps you avoid potential legal issues and fines, protecting your resources and empowering you to do more where it counts.

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support for Your Business

business documents accounting with calculator and magnifying glassForensic accounting involves the investigation of finances regarding potential lawsuits. These cases are potentially related to tax issues involving the IRS or possible financial fraud or embezzlement.

Baratz & Associates, P.A. has experience with all elements of finance as well as investigative skills. We can find, analyze, and interpret material and summarize the results in an understandable and informative way. If you suspect any fraudulent activity, we can conduct interviews and do research and contribute to any litigation you may encounter.

Litigation Support

Often, we can help to resolve legal disputes even before they have to go to trial. If a case does have to go to court, we can provide expert witness testimony. We are familiar with the legal concepts in question and the procedures that must be followed to make findings admissible in court.

If you are having financial problems that could cause you to end up in court, it's important to get help immediately. At Baratz & Associates, P.A., we work to ensure that your legal matters are taken care of swiftly, and you and your business come out as intact as possible.

Some of the circumstances that may require specialized support include:

  • Shareholder's and partnership disputes
  • Business interruptions/other insurance claims
  • Business/employee fraud
  • Business economic losses
  • Professional negligence

Contact our Marlton team for help with any forensic accounting specialty areas. The more you know, the better you are protected.

Business Services Beyond the Numbers in Marlton

We know that healthy finances depend on more than tidy ledgers. Baratz & Associates, P.A. looks beyond your reports to understand how your business works on a deeper level, so you can optimize your approach to breakthrough profit thresholds and achieve your business goals. Contact us for your comprehensive consultation today.

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