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Forensics and Litigation

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support in Marlton

If you suspect someone in your own organization or an outside partnering entity of fraudulent activity, you may need the services of a forensic accountant. At Baratz & Associates, P.A. you can work with a professional accountant certified in financial forensics. Mark H. Wander, CPA handles a wide variety of accounting issues, from internal audits to full investigations into unethical practices.

Individuals and organizations are both capable of fraud, whether intentional or accidental. To schedule a consultation for forensics and litigation support in Marlton, call Baratz & Associates, P.A. today!

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Closely Following the Data

desk with financial documents and magnifying glassIf fraud or some other form of illegal conduct is suspected, there is always a paper trail to follow. Important documents and statements reveal how finances might have been misappropriated or embezzled, and are the evidence you need to build a case. Mark Wander has filled the role of forensic investigator in many unique situations. As an experienced court witness he has worked with many attorneys, testifying for litigation issues on behalf of individuals and organizations alike.

There are some legal complications that can develop either within or outside of an organization. At Baratz & Associates, P.A. we employ effective investigative strategies that utilize Mark’s extensive experience and accessible data. If there are any logical discrepancies in your case, Mark fills those blanks through extensive fieldwork and examination. Features of our litigation support services include:

  • Forensic Investigations
  • Forensic Audits
  • Internal & External Audits

The Value of Experienced Investigation

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of most litigation support cases is to measure the economic loss that results from a breach of contracts. While data may be accessible, it takes a seasoned professional to fully analyze the information and highlight suspicious activity that will be recognized by the court. Whether your case involves business or personal financial dispute, our goal is to make everything copacetic. With our evidence-based approach, we are capable of providing equitable resolutions.

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At Baratz & Associates, P.A. we help individuals and organizations investigate unscrupulous financial practices that could develop into a legal case. Our certified forensic accountant, Mark Wander, takes a methodical approach to each case. He works with you to uncover the truth from complex records and data, outlining a legal course of action. For more information or to schedule an appointment for forensic and litigation support in Marlton, call Baratz & Associates, P.A. today!

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