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Senior Manager

Senior Manager

Full Time


As a Sr. Manager, you are responsible for managing teams to improve business performance, participating in the hiring, billing and scheduling processes and actively develop current clients and new business relationships and alliances. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

§  Consistently promote and support Baratz and Associates policies and procedures, core values and Mission Statement

§  Maintain good business relationships with current clients and develop additional revenue opportunities through cross-selling additional firm services..

§  Actively promote and market the firm within the business community to build new client relationships, generate new business revenues and develop / reinforce our reputation  within the community..  

§  Participate in billing and collection activities

§  Participate in the interviewing and hiring process

§  Participate in the scheduling of client assignments insuring standards of quality and deadlines are met

§  Develop and manage systems and procedures with a focus on continuous improvement. 

§  Identify industry changes that may impact clients and initiate communication to partners, clients and team members.

§  Plan, manage and lead teams to support new initiatives within the firm.  Monitor results and report progress to partners as needed.

§  Manage and supervise client engagements and insure timely completion within budgetary and time constraints imposed by the client and partners.  Prepare or  delegate work assignments as appropriate

§  Manage, develop and train staff.  Delegate work as appropriate, follow up and provide feedback for continuous improvement and ongoing development. Participate in the annual performance review process. 

§  Participate in goal setting and planning activities and track and monitor results.

Skills and Competencies

§  Personality to function within a partnership and accept compromise.

§  Demonstrate integrity and honesty in relationships with Firm personnel, clients and other stakeholders.

§  Good leadership and team building skills.

§  Trusted and confident with engagement sign-off responsibilities.

§  Develop good relationships with business referral sources.

§  Good organization skills

§  Good project management skills

§  Good verbal and written communication skills with clients, partners, staff, and potential clients

§  Ability to analyze data and information to solve problems and provide sound recommendations to clients, partners and team members.

§  Competent in Microsoft Word, Excel, UltraTax, Creative Solutions Accounting, Fixed Assets CS, PPC e-tools, and BNA income tax planner

Education, Certifications and/or Experience

§  Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

§  CPA certification.

§  Depth of technical knowledge in areas of practice.

§  Respect for and adherence to professional standards.

§  Pursuing additional accreditations and specialties.

Reasoning Ability

§  Ability to take numerical and verbal data and information and apply it to problem solving.

§  Ability to manage client engagements through others in a highly proficient manner

§  Ability to evaluate staff work and provide effective feedback for ongoing personal development.

Physical Demands

§  High energy level and longer hours during peak times of the year

Baratz and Associates is committed to consistently delivering on our commitment to our clients … to deliver specialized solutions that help them achieve their financial and wealth management goals.

Contact Info: Email:, Mail: Baratz & Associates, P.A., 7 Eves Drive, Suite 100, Marlton, NJ 08053

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